NFT Play to earn games you should try
NFT Play to earn,  Play to Earn

NFT Play to earn games you should try

If you’re searching for a different kind of gaming experience, why not try some free NFT play to earn games? They combine having fun and making money by using the power of blockchain technology! Which one should you begin with?

Fortunately, we’ll show you our top free-to-play picks right now. Additionally, we will describe what NFT play to earn games are and how they function. You must verify these before downloading your first NFT game.

The world is changing right now as a result of blockchain technology, and it is not just about bitcoin. More precisely, it is reshaping the gaming industry with blockchain-based play to earn games. They might provide alternative revenue sources and demonstrate the influence of blockchain on our world.

Axie Infinity is ranked number one.

Let’s begin with a title that is rather popular in the Philippines. Axie Infinity is a smartphone game developed by the Vietnamese business Sky Mavis that pits your squad of digital pets against other players.

You’ll feel right at home if you’re acquainted with Pokémon. Nonetheless, it incorporates elements from trading card play to earn games. To illustrate, imagine you’re a fresh Axie Infinity player.

You acquire your first animals through the Axie Marketplace. You may be startled by the pricing. They were valued between $150 and $200 at the time of publication!

Then how is this a free NFT game? Scholarship programs make this feasible, and veteran Axie players may lend their Axies to newcomers. These altruistic individuals are members of social media communities.

For instance, there are Axie Scholarship groups on Facebook. There is a lengthy list of applications, each of which begins with a short introduction and the applicant’s motivations for applying.

Axies are delivered to the borrower for the first time. In return, the lender receives a percentage of the borrower’s profits. This has been an excellent technique for Filipinos to survive the epidemic.

It was a huge assistance, according to a mother of three who was included in a mini-documentary. “It [Axie Infinity] met our everyday necessities, paid our expenses, and settled our debts,” she said.

Smooth Love Potions, or SLP, are earned by players when competing against computer-controlled opponents or other players. Meanwhile, some occurrences reward players with AXS or Axie Infinity Shards.

Both are digital currencies that may be converted to fiat money. If you take a look at other blockchain-based play to earn games, you’ll discover a similar revenue model for players.


Here’s another free NFT game in the Pokémon vein. Rather of employing your full team, you play with each member individually. Additionally, this game is only playable on a computer.

You get an hour to play with each monster or Binamon. Then, using the W, A, S, and D keys, you move and attack. The objective is to defeat certain adversaries in order to advance to the next level.

When you confront a foe, it will reveal an element: Fire, Light, Water, Forest, Physical, or Quantum. Rapidly press the corresponding button to strike the adversary.

When you win, you earn points. Ensure, however, that you persist. If you press the incorrect key or take too long, the enemy reduces your one-hour game time, which results in decreased earnings!

As with Axie, you must purchase your first digital pets. You purchase a booster pack containing random pets using BMON and Z1. Alternatively, on the Discord page, you can purchase a specific one.

Another point of comparison is the scholarship system. As with Axie Infinity, players of Binamon can lend their digital pets and earn money from borrowers.

Binamon, a team based in Argentina, launched this play to earn games model on August 28, 2021. It’s only a couple of months old at the time of writing, so it’s not as popular as Axie.

However, the Binamon team seems unconcerned about this and is instead focusing on expanding the game’s functionality and earning potential. Allow it time, and it may shine as brightly as Axie Infinity and beyond!

What is a non-ferrous tetrahedron?

Are you looking forward to playing your first free NFT game? Before you register for one, ensure that you have a firm grasp on how NFTs function. This will assist you in maximizing your enjoyment of these play to earn games.

NFT is an abbreviation for non-fungible token. The owner of this thing is registered on a blockchain network, and in exchange, that individual receives a unique copy despite the fact that there are countless clones.

It all began with a $69,346,250 artwork! “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” was registered by Beeple as a non-fungible token. We now offer NFT films, music, and much more!

You may create one on your own. With the correct equipment and sufficient funds, you may sell your artwork on NFT platforms. This may assist increase recognition for your work, hence increasing your chances of finding customers.

As mentioned before, we also offer NFT play to earn games. NFTs are used in a number of the game’s assets. The Axie and Binamon dogs are illustrative, and you may sell them to gain more cryptocurrency.

What are non-traditional play to earn games (NFT)?

There are a plethora of blockchain play to earn games available nowadays. However, we could not suggest them as free NFT play to earn games. Two of our top selections are as follows: Decentraland and Enjin:

  • Enjin (ENJ) – This cryptocurrency network permits the play of NFT play to earn games. Its cryptocurrency is ENJ tokens. The “melting” aspect is what distinguishes Enjin. You may earn NFTs by playing Enjin play to earn games and then convert them to Enjin coins.
  • Decentraland (MANA) – This is a game in which you may embed your NFTs! Additionally, it enables the purchase of digital real estate in the game using MANA tokens. This property may be used to host your NFTs and other events, hence increasing its worth. Eventually, similar to how real estate investment often works, you can sell it for a profit.

Typically, players make money by selling their NFTs or by earning cryptos as they play. Then how does the game make money? This is determined by the game’s play-to-earn structure.

Because NFT play to earn games are very new, there is no discernible trend. Nonetheless, you’ll find that they gain money via fees. For instance, they often charge a little fee when you purchase new things.

Are you ready to begin playing free NFT play to earn games?

Binamon, on the other hand, utilizes the Binance Smart Chain. It is the blockchain used by Binance, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, and its native coin is called BNB.

You’ll need to utilize these cryptos in order to earn them in these play to earn games. The volatility of cryptocurrencies is well-known. In other words, their prices fluctuate rapidly and significantly.

As a consequence, revenue generated by free NFT play to earn games is not consistent. For instance, the SLPs you earn now may not be worth the same amount of money tomorrow.

Naturally, knowing how cryptos function may assist you in earning more money. You may want to wait a little while longer for the prices to increase before converting your cryptos.

Final thoughts

Aren’t free NFT play to earn games fascinating? You get incentives in the form of coins. After that, you may convert them to actual money. All of this is possible because to blockchain technology!

This is just one example of how blockchain technology is transforming the world. You may find a plethora of other applications for cryptocurrencies and blockchain on the internet.

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